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Video & Audio Messages for Positive Change

Video on Evangelism and Witnessing

Video about New York City Ministry Prayer Stand Training Video Evangelism Training Video using Way of the Master Clips

Jim Cymbala's sermon The Anointing of GodNew Prayer Stand VideoAthiest Interview Video

Video of Actual Street Evangelism

Open Air Witness Union Square Video Christine MajorOpen Air Witness Union Square Video Shawn Holes Open Air Witness Union Square Video Sean Morris

Video on Small Group Discipleship

Jim Cymbala's sermon The Anointing of God When You Come Together: Simple Church Gatherings VideoChurch Planting Lighten the Package


Jim Cymbala's sermon The Anointing of GodJim Cymbala's sermon The Anointing of GodJim Cymbala's sermon The Anointing of God


Evangelism & Discipleship Training Video

I heartily encourage you to watch the Powerful Messages and view the free Christian Video Training on this page.

Prayer is KEY! Every Pastor and Layman should see "My House shall be called a House of Prayer." Modern Christianity is sickly and lukewarm. This video will help you know why. You need to watch this classic it may change your idea of "Church." Get your pastor to watch it! Preached by Jim Cymbala pastor of the Brooklyn Tabernacle at Bill Gaither's 1994 Praise Gathering.

Introducing the New Improved Prayer Stand Video. Watch this 7 minutes video and you will know why we are excited about all the improvements the portable prayer stand brings to our most successful evangelistic method of outreach.

The Prayer Stand Evangelism Training Video will help you know how to be effective in Prayer Stand Evangelism. God can use you to reach people in your local community. You can share the gospel in public and be a wonderful light to those around you.

The Evangelism Training Video features Tom Kiser and video clips from Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron's Way of the Master Evangelism Series. Watch video of actual witnessing encounters. Understand the Key to Biblical Evangelism

Why Witness? You must see this Powerful Video interview with a self-professed atheist. This video will challenge you to take your testimony seriously.

Video on Small Group Discipleship

Why Simple Church Listen to leaders in the House Church Movement as they explain how discipleship works best in small simple church gatherings like we read about in the New Testament. This excellent video and more resources can be found at

When You Come Together - How to have Simple Church Gatherings This video takes you into actual home church meetings and will help you to understand how to have a simple church gathering.

Church Planting - Lighten the Package A short video skit that illustrates how hard it is to replicate the complicated extra's Western Civilization understand as "Church" and why we need to get back to the simple church of the New Testament. This video and more excellent resources can be found at A community of practice for Church Planters.

Audio Messages

Pastor Jim Cymbala's message The Anointing of God will challenge and stir you and your church to return to Biblical Christianity. His sermon Free Slaves of Christ will help you understand why so few Christians are "Full of the Spirit." Other

Wonder why we must reach the cities like New York City? Listen to GR French's sermon on God loves the City.



Strengthen your witness with the resources in our Soul Winning Section.

Harvest Home for Mission Teams

Harvest Home for Short-Term Missionaries. Click here for more info.

Ministry Photo's

Want to see what it's like to witness on the streets of NYC. See our Prayer Station Photo Galllery and Ministry Photos.